Superior Quality & Strength
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 Not even in the same league as a conventional “single skin” roller door, we offer the ultimate in strength and durability.

These doors are constructed from individual double skinned interlocking “slats” which in turn are filled with insulation material, resulting in a door which not only combats temperature issues but is also extremely rigid & strong across its width. Especially recommended for high wind areas.

 Numerous fantastic features also include:

  • Automation options from the Super quiet “Tubular motor” which is tucked away inside the roll – great for places with limited space beside the doorway!
  • Also available are single phase industrial motors, depending on door size.
  • Wider doors available – much wider than normal roller doors.
  • Due to construction and design of the individual interlocking slats, these doors take up much less space above the doorway than a normal roller door would.
  • Powder coat finish options.
  • Powder coated tracks come as a standard upgrade – at no extra cost! (std colour white)

Customers comment, “This is the best door on the market, & we would never want anything else”


Available in a wide range of colours, including standard Zincalume options.
Options available for remote operation.